Minnie W.

Alissa has been helping my husband and me with an interior upgrade to our home of 20 years. We have a comfortable place and didn't want to overdo the design. Alissa offers up suggestions without forcing a design, she is open to exploring my design preferences and complimenting them with her recommendations. She has been spot on every time. She is a delightful person to work with, very professional and attentive to customer needs. I recommend her to anyone - especially concerned husbands

Hafiz Arbab

Our experience working with S&A Décor has been very pleasant and fun. Alissa is a very friendly and confident decorator, she always stays on top of everything and always comes up with great ideas. She understands our needs and knows what we want. She is quite mindful of timeline and budget, her goal is to make the best within the budget. We are confident that with her help and her experience of work we will have our dream home. She is the best.

Michelle J.

If I desired to, I could easily write pages of compliments about my experience working with S&A Decor, instead, I will keep it brief and to the point. Watching their stratospheric talents start from our first meeting with me verbalizing my desires, to installation and to reality was like watching a world-class orchestra at its finest moment. I still shake my head with amazement at the perfectly planned and beautifully designed masterpiece they created for me. On a scale of 10, the finished project work was a 15!

Mellisa N.

Alissa is the most creative interior profesional I have met so far! I was very happy and lucky to find her! I did the main floor with her and plan to use her services till my entire place looks modern, stylish and unique!!! Great ideas, stay within the budget, punctual! Great personally overall!

Ismail Ch.

S&A Decor is among the best in the industry. Their creative vision, communication, and professionalism are unparalleled. They handle every design project with the same passion and care they would a project in their own home or business - conscious of expectations, budgets, and deadlines. Every client, regardless of location, is respectfully treated as a priority. I have and will continue to recommend S&A Decor to my clients and customers.