What is interior decorating? It may seem that choosing right colors and arranging furniture should do it, especially if money is not the factor. However, in reality, it is actually quite the opposite. Spending money on expensive items may end up looking chaotic and distasteful, and quite often unnecessary. On the other hand, a good designer will introduce creative solutions without making you spend a fortune.

At S&A Decor, we listen to what you expect and understand you desires, even when you not sure what you want. Two-way communication makes us capable of understanding your ideas of comfortable and functional to you. Our goal is to create a home that not only suits your needs, but that also translates your spirit and your energy. And in the end, you will get the home that will have every detail work together in a harmonic way.

Our Services Include: 

Design Consultation Services - Whether you are new to the area, just need some inspiring design direction for your home, or are building a new home from the ground up, we can help. Available for an hourly fee, we will give you the design direction and educated recommendations to help save you time and money in accomplishing your dreams.

Room Design ServicesBy developing a custom and collaborative design plan, be it for a great room, a bedroom, or any room in your home, S&A Decor will render a space to its ultimate purpose. The careful selections of furnishings, artwork, rugs, lighting, materials and special finishing touches will be incorporated to capture your style. We will combine our signature balance of traditional sensibility and modern desire to accentuate the natural beauty of your home. With our unlimited resources and professional team of installers, your finished rooms will captivate your senses.

Full House Design ServicesIf you are building from the ground up, or looking to update your current home, the experience of S&A Decors’  will lay the groundwork for a successful and beautiful living space. We will create a clear vision through the discussion and the best material selections from floors to ceilings. Focusing on a master plan for a uniform flow throughout your rooms and overall home décor, we will develop a personalized balance of color, texture, and structure. Our relationships with experienced and reputable suppliers and contractors will take your projects to a new level of exceptional craftsmanship. Let us be your liaison for this selection and installation process to create a balance between structure and fluidity