10 Simple Rules of Feng Shui

Rule #1: No Place for Unnecessary Things at Home

Do you want to improve the flow of energy in the home, reduce stress and improve performance? Make general cleaning and repair all broken items. Do an honest audit of unnecessary things and get rid of them - not just put them in another place, but actually, get rid of them or give to those who need them and will be happy to use them.

It is useful to get rid of the "energy consumers" which include broken items, abandoned work, things that you have not used in 1 year and items that cause you to have bad associations or memories. Thus, you will contribute to the flow of energy, and hence the arrival of new opportunities.


Rule #2: Entrance to Your Hose Has to be Perfect 

The entrance to the house is the first impression of the house. Make it nice to look at the entrance: perfectly decorated entrance area will attract positive energy into your home. The entrance should be well lit, clean and uncluttered. Note-  clean the door, is there at her apartment number, a working lock and door bell (intercom), a clean rug in front of the door.


Rule # 3: Mirror in the Hallway should be Opposite to the Front Door

The mirror should not be directly opposite the front door since it may alienate a favorable energy coming into the house. The best place for a mirror in the hallway is on the same wall with the door or on a side. This way you can see yourself when you leave home.  It is preferred to have a one-piece mirror.


Rule # 4: Don't Clutter up the Living Room with Furniture

Arrange the furniture so that the energy can move freely and that nothing would interfere with the communication. For example, do not place the sofa and chairs on the path. Also, it is desirable to arrange the furniture so that you can always see the door. For communication to be comfortable and enjoyable try to sit diagonally, and not opposite each other.


Rule # 5:  Bed in the Bedroom Should be Diagonal from the Entrance 

If your bed is still standing opposite the door make sure to move it closer to the corner diagonally across from the entrance where it has the largest accumulation of favorable energy. Avoid placing the bed in front of the window because it is too active energy that is not compatible with the sleep function.


Also, avoid placing massive hanging items over the headboard that create destructive energy flow above you. Check to see that you are not reflecting in the mirror and other mirror surfaces when you lie in bed. This arrangement of mirrors may weaken your strength because of  the outflow of energy. If you cannot remove the mirror surface, then covering them with fabric at least for the night is your next best option so nothing will stop you gain strength during sleep.


Rule # 6: Choose a Dome-Shaped Headboard

The headboard should be intact and have a form that visually does not separate the spouses. Headboard symbolizes protection, meaning the stronger and bigger it is, the more protected and comfortable will be your sleep.

Avoid headboard with  triangular and pointed forms, since they are too aggressive and active energy which prevents full recovery. The ideal shape of the head is rounded, dome-shaped or rectangular. The harmonious forms will provide the necessary stability and peace of mind during sleep.


Rule # 7: Avoid Turning the Space Under your Bed into a Storage

If you don't have a partner, try choosing a double bed with one mattress and two pillows. Free space is always filled in is the law of nature. It is desirable to have free and clear space between the bed and the floor and not a warehouse of things. This prevents energy stagnate and provides for favorable energy during sleep.


Rule # 8: No Sharp Edges

Check if there are any sharp corners on furniture or walls. If Yes, then try to either rearrange the furniture or redecorate the sharp corners. The energy from such objects is perceived by our subconscious and is the most powerful channels of perception. An aggressive form of angles can cause anxiety, and overhanging objects will cause the overpowering feeling. All this on a funded creates psychological discomfort and stress.


Rule # 9: Kitchen Should be Isolated

Kitchen appliances such as stove and fridge should not be visible from the main entrance. Since both of them have been associated with the family's heart, they must be protected from the eyes of strangers.

It is desirable to put a stove diagonally across from the entrance. Check whether you are standing with your back to the door during cooking. If you are, 


then this position will cause you psychological discomfort and affect the quality of prepared food. If moving the cooker is not possible, then hang the mirror over the stove so that you can see the who walks in while cooking.


Rule # 10: Try not to Store Broken Dishes

Part immediately with cracked or broken dishes, even if it is your favorite mug. Drink and eat from such dishes is considered undesirable since broken pieces carry a destructive energy. It is dangerous and you can get hurt.Allow yourself to use your holiday china every day. Let each meal will be a holiday, which will bond your family around the table and strengthen family relationships.