Feng Shui is ancient practice for organizing your home or work space so that it works in your favor and helps in all areas of your life. Contrary to a common belief Feng Shui is not converting your house into an exhibit of lions and frogs, known as pop Feng Shui. Instead, it’s pragmatic like architecture and is based on precise mathematical formulas based on thousands of years of observing the nature.


Areas in which good Feng Shui can improve your life


Business and Career



Feng Shui consultation is for you if you:


Buying/moving to a new house or a condo. Any house can have a different effect on different people based on their Life Map. So by moving to a new place you can easily improve or lose your luck. This service includes accurate compass measurements, analysis of exterior environment, house shape and room layout to determine how compatible the property is to your family. This also includes recommendations for major furniture items layout.


Want to improve your situation in your current home. We can attract luck into your home by balancing negative effects from the exterior environment, house shape correcting room and furniture layout based on your Life Map, compass measurements, and detailed calculations.


Building a new house. As in any new place, you can easily improve or lose your luck. That is the best situation when you can use compass measurements and exterior environment for designing a home with shape and floor plan to maximize the lack and create the best possible layout for your Life Map.


Want to optimize your current business space or your business is moving to a new place. Your space has a big effect on how your business is doing. In some cases, the location that looks good from a business perspective can strangely be not as good for the business owners. We can help you to select the location and set up all the main items in a way that helps your business to grow.


Want to increase your income or advance in your career. Your home can have an effect on your financial situation. By correcting some mistakes, we can help you to increase your income and advance in your career.


Want to resolve your health issues. Your home can have a big effect on your heath. By correcting some mistakes, we can help you to improve your heath and prevent any future health issues.


Want to resolve your relationships problems and find your love. Your home can have a big effect on your love life. For existing families, even some small mistakes in layout can result in big family problems. Layout mistakes can prevent single people from finding the right person. By correcting some mistakes, we can help you improve your love life and family relationships.



Have difficulties with conceiving a baby. Although modern medicine has advanced very far in this area, in some cases it still has its limitations. This when Feng Shui can really help you. By correcting some mistakes Feng Shui practices can help you to conceive a baby.