Classic furniture is quite popular in a modern interior, especially for people with exquisite taste. However, strict traditional furnishings don't always combine with modern trends. And yet if you have a burning desire to dilute modern with timeless classics - below you will find out how to combine the incompatible.


1-Loft Style 

Loft style unlike any other belongs next door to the elegant classic. The rudeness of the bricks combined with exquisite vintage furnishings makes a successful combination. Moreover, you can easily dilute such interior with the modern touches like large floor lamps, bright shelves and prints inspired by Andy Warhol. Furniture can be far from new. For example, a sofa in old-English style with leather down amid a massive brick wall is unconditional chic.


2- Minimalism

Minimalism is a favorite style among lovers of order, cleanliness, and simplicity in the interior. But although  it is light and easy it is also the perfect background for classic furniture, especially antiques or vintage  (strict classical in this case it may be out of place). Discreet North-European interior should  not be overloaded so better stick with a single piece that will fit the situation. Better if it is a coffee table with elegant legs, dining table, glazed cupboard or a couple of chairs.


3- Modern

Modern style by itself can sound quite harsh. Cool colors, simple furniture minimalist decor are rather masculine traits. The female interior is more classical style with softness and use of drapery. In the bedroom, it is appropriate to combine both. The most organically classic furniture will fit into the "ladies" zone. It can be elegant, table, chair, mirror. The elements can also support the age of decadence like a powder box, a jar of cotton or jewelry box. Don't be afraid to overdo it. At least, you can hide your personal corner of the screen.


4- Neoclassicism

A good combination would be a pair of simple, classic chairs in tandem with a simple dining table. Style can be supported with high white molding and stylized with classic chandelier. However, as with any eclectic interior, it is important to keep it down. If you overdo the decorating the interior will look ridiculous. Harmony is the basis of all creative experiments. This means you may have to give up wallpaper with large print or Greek style tiles. And remember, if, in doubt, there is no doubt.


5- Modern History

If your favorite classic furniture does not fit the interior you can try to disguise it. This can be done by changing the trim, repainting or polishing. This may seem radical, but it is not necessary to choose eye-catching colors. Just change the textiles to neutral one with a minimum of decorative elements, and favorite sofa will become a real decoration of the living room and will perfectly fit with the modern design.


Classic Furniture in Modern Style