How to Decorate Skylights and Attic Windows?

In this article we are going to discuss how to correctly fill in the attic window without destroying aesthetics created by architects and at the same time preventing any unwanted light from outside from entering the room.

Additional Accessories

The location of the Windows on the angle requires the use of a variety of additional accessories like holders, curtain rods, handrails, grabs and more. They allow to bind any window dressing to the realities of the architectural environment in which to place the decoration. Here you can use any design curtains, even the most intricate. The main thing is to make sure that the fabric is not unnecessarily out, creating a sloppy curves and irregular shape of the drapery.

Roll and Roman Blinds
Roll and Roman blinds are attached directly to the frame or very close to it. They are especially useful in the attic because they can quickly open and close, they are mobile and do not require excessive maintenance. Many models are designed for use on inclined planes and include additional rods, which adjusted along the window. They are like rails that let the curtain to be moved and giving it the opportunity to be parallel to the plane of the opening. This is also useful when opening a window to get fresh air, since it will prevent curtains from rising and they making rustling sounds.

Traditional Approach
Quite often attics have widows that are positioned vertically. In this case if the slopes on both sides are not too close, you have an excellent opportunity to decorate the same way and all other windows in the house - building on the approaches that work for the standard window openings. The most elegant and versatile window treatment is still considered curtains to the floor on both sides of your window.

Going Bare

Returning to the original definition of the attic, we will offer here the method that is most austere decoration of window opening. It consists of not to using the window textiles at all. If in the traditional living rooms we almost never follow this trend, on the attic floor type it is more than natural. Think and look around - maybe your window already designed in the way it should be and doesn't need any extra draperies and complex mechanisms.